A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Global Game Jam 2015 in less than 48 hours.


  • 6 Buttons to choose from, EVERY TIME!
  • Breathtaking GUI!
  • No Sounds or Art to distract you!
  • Possibly Bears (and maybe bugs)!

Install instructions

Game Installation:

  1. First, download the "GGJ15 Game" version and unzip to your preffered games folder.
  2. Then, double click the "IDK, Survival" file.

Source Code Development:

If you want to mess with the source code, unzip the source code zip archive into an empty Unity3D Project. Message @Pyredrid on mastodon.social if you need help with it.


IDK, Survive (GGJ15 Game) 7 MB
IDK, Survive (GGJ15 Sourcecode) 213 kB